Our Tesco Collection – Thank You!

4th December 2018

It’s time for a LOT of thank yous for our collection at Tesco in Harrow over the weekend!
Over the 3 days we collected a whopping 1258.55kg of donations and over £439 in monetary bucket donations. We are so grateful and can’t thank you enough for your generosity.
Thank you to our volunteers on Thursday, the B’nai B’rith Group, Cisco group and 4 foodbank volunteers.
Massive thanks to the Cisco group for returning on Friday to collect, along with 9 foodbank volunteers.
And thank you to the 8 foodbank volunteers who held the fort on Saturday!
Finally we’d like to say a big shout out and thank you to Jean who co-ordinated and organised the Tesco collection, and Tesco themselves for hosting us.
One anonymous donor even purchased a whole trolley load of food on Saturday totalling over £77!
All in all volunteers really enjoyed meeting people in the community and chatting with everyone – the weekend was a great success!

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