Stop Harrow Hunger – become a regular donor

23rd March 2018

The cost of renting our food warehouse has recently gone up and we are looking for ways to raise additional funds to cover the costs. We believe that the best way to cover the cost of our warehouse is to  have a lot of people each giving a little bit every month. We are therefore looking to grow the number of people who donate regularly – our Harrow Foodbank Regular Giving Supporters.

You don’t have to give much to be a Regular Giving Supporter. Just £5 a month will make a real difference and it could be less. If you feel you can help, please visit our donations page (click on the red donate button or visit the ‘Give Help’ page) and sign up as one of our regular supporters. Please also tell your friends. We can all help make a difference to the hungry people of Harrow!

We look forward to you becoming a Harrow Foodbank Regular Giving Supporter!

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